Tips to Successfully Jump Start Your Vehicle in the Rain

Jump starting a vehicle in the rain does not really have to be hazardous. However, you just have to follow some secure and safe process of jump-starting your car. To make a good start, here are the things that you should keep in mind.

Get the cables

Take out your jumper cables. The majority of vehicles have cables that you always bring with you. When your vehicle doesn’t have jumper cables, then attempt to ask someone for this thing.

Guarantee your safety

Make sure that the cars are not facing each other and have you standing between them. In this case, it’s quite more likely to result in a potential disaster. Guarantee that vehicles are positioned correctly, brakes are set properly, and engines are off.

Look for the location of the battery

Make sure to locate where the batteries are placed on both cars. If one of them may not be placed in the trunk, then make sure to know to determine where it can be seen. Other vehicles have them both in a similar location. Hence, it’s best to guarantee that you know. Determining where the batteries can be located is vital so that you can easily reach the batteries with the cables.

Connect the red clamps

Take note of the cable connection’s order. Black is for the negative and red is for the positive. Don’t forget to first connect the first red clamp to the positive battery terminal or post then connect the other red clamp to the other car’s positive battery terminal.

Connect the black clamps

After successfully connecting the red clamp, connect the black clamps next. Go to the other car and link the black car at the end of the cables to the negative post. In terms of the second black clamp, do the same. But to give the right ground for a great connection as you connect the black clam in the cables end to the negative battery terminal, it’s best to look for an unpainted metal surface below the hood.

Start the car

Try to start the vehicle for you to determine whether you’ve done a good connection or not. When your vehicle refuses to start properly, then make a few adjustments and attempt to restart the car. When you think you have done a good connection but the vehicle still won’t start, you can request another motorist to run it for you. When your vehicle still doesn’t start, try checking your battery.

Make sure that the engine keeps running

When you have already started the vehicle, make sure to keep the engine running. This will provide the alternator sufficient time to get the battery recharged. But, when the battery still fails to work well, then there’s a chance that you’ve got battery issues. If this happens, make sure to park your car at a safe place and ask for the assistance of the best towing company in Orleans as soon as possible.